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Hi All ! Back from a trip to DC that I really didn't want to take. The bad news was that it was a training course involving all kinds of group work, roleplaying difficult conversations, and all the things employees can do to get fired. It was also full of a huge percentage of agency brass -- so me and the handful of other first-line supervisors felt really... freshman-like.

On the other hand, the group I was working with were very cool, and thankfully had enough extroverts who grabbed the microphone to expound upon their thoughts so that I didn't have to. Also, for the record, roleplaying is only fun if there are orcs, swords and wizards involved.

The better news is that I seriously scored with my flight upgrades, so I flew in style. The other good thing that was as I was chillin' in the front of the plane, I worked diligently on a mindmap of the tricky parts of my Raven story. I may have busted through the writer's block.

But now I start a two-week stint of jury duty. I have to call in daily, so I can't exactly plan things. I need physio for my foot, and I chipped a tooth, but I can't make those appointments until I get the jury duty sorted out.

So - that's me. How is everyone doing out there?


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