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Here's a shout-out to the Flist and anyone else who may be listening. I will shortly embark on a trip to Europe and could use some advice, if any is to be had.

I'll be in London for three full days (not near enough, sadly but the most I could swing this time) and could use some advice.

Firstly -- the hotel is in Kensington Gardens across from Hyde Park. Suggestions on pubs or chip shops or other places to get reasonably priced grub?

On a Whovian note -- where would I go if I wanted to get some of those ever so cool Who toys and other stuff I can't get in the States? Is there any particular place I should make a fannish pilgrimage to while I'm there?

And... how best to get internet -- preferably free or possibly via internet cafe?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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I'm back in the DC area, this time for a training course. I am jetlagged and grumpy and just spent an entire day in a classroom, and will spend the rest of the week in same classroom.

The hotel is even less convenient than the last one -- the gym is old and cramped, room service is the only way I can get breakfast (for $25 a plate), and the place isn't even on the red line. We have to catch the hotel shuttle at 7am to take us to the metro station, which then takes us to the other station, and then we walk half a mile to the training center.

And even more importantly, I have yet to secure a source of diet coke.

Only those who know me well comprehend the full horror of this fact.

I may have to go out foraging after dark.

There's no restaurant available that can serve me a *light* dinner or lunch. I just ate one half of a cold Chipotle burrito for dinner (no microwave).

Oh, and internet costs me an additional $10 per day.

I want to go home.
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I'm back in Bethesda this week. Currently, I'm sitting in my hotel room, jet-lagged and grumpy.

How I wish I were staying at a Residence Inn... free breakfast, free internet, kitchenette, and nice desk.

Sadly, my current hotel is lacking in all of these things. So I have to gobble up my per diem with room service breakfast (because I cannot leave my house / hotel room without breakfast). Plus I don't have a fridge to store the food I purchase elsewhere.

Tomorrow I'm back at HQ going over job applications as part of a group of 'subject matter experts'. We have, at last estimate, over 1200 applications to go over in the course of three days. Who knows how that'll work out. At the very least, it'll be educational -- I will possibly share with you all examples of how NOT to fill out a job application.

And now, I shall go unpack and then hit the gym -- I've found that light exercise really helps jet lag. Wish me luck!


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