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I'm in the middle of Bloodtide, and I thought I'd share an observation I've noticed after listening to a couple dozen of these audios.

Part three is where the story is either made or broken.

Of course, assuming it is a four-parter; I haven't heard any of the newer three-parters, so I can't theorize about them.

But anyway -- parts one and two are almost always really good. The whole 'pulling the audience into the story' is something that Big Finish does extremely well. But what about when it comes time for follow-through?

Part three is the 'put-up-or-shut-up' part. It's where the plot HAS to be revealed, where all the cards are laid on the table and either the audience is with you, or like me and Bloodtide, they want to go skeet shooting with their cds.

Bloodtide has so much going for it, on paper. The Sixth Doctor is king in the audios, he gets most of the best scripts (and shares the other half of the good scripts with the Eighth Doctor). He has an awesome companion, Evelyn.

I should love Bloodtide. But I don't.

Thoughts? Disagreements? Anyone want to assure me that listening to part four of Bloodtide is worth it?
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Firstly -- a moment of homage and appreciation for my code-free DVD player. Long may it spin.

Secondly, through the combined magic of Amazon.uk and aforementioned DVD player, I watched the Doctor Who animated story: The Infinte Quest.

Squee with spoilers )

Highly recommended!

Next stop -- Sarah Jane Adventures!


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