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Thought I'd better do this now -- stick my neck out and make a prediction. (I don't think there are any boxing fans on my Flist, but just for a matter of record):

Calzaghe UD 12

To be honest, I've never seen Hopkins fight, but I know who he's fought. His latest fights are not impressive. He lost decisions to Jermain (I have no style or focus) Taylor, and barely eked out a decision win over Winky (snooze) Wright.

Calzaghe is one of a kind. Always busy, adaptable, so unorthodox no one knows how to fight him -- a virtuoso. While it's certainly possible that Hopkins has his number, I don't think it's likely.

Looking forward to this one -- after Who :)

Sooooo need a boxing icon.

ETA: I was (mostly) right - split decision. What a ridiculous-looking fight. Bernard Hopkins is a dirty joke of a fighter.


Feb. 10th, 2008 10:40 am
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So yesterday was the boxing event where I had ringside seats. Yay!

Some observations:

Sadly, the 'Rents went to Arizona this weekend and took the FastTrak, which meant I couldn't take the toll roads out to the casino, which meant it took me 2 1/2 hours to get there. Ouch.

Interestingly enough, there were quite a few ladies in the audience. And the ones that were there, sat mostly in the ringside seats. And I did notice that they knew more about boxing than the guys in the peanut gallery.

Speaking of the peanut gallery, the almost-exclusively male audience back there was most amusing. They'd shout encouragement to the fighters - really insightful commentary such as "hit him!". While the ladies at ringside were shouting things like "Keep your hands up!" "Go downstairs, he's not going anywhere!". I also heard ladies comment on the records of the opponents and their general conditioning.

Oh yes, and this was one event where there was a huge, snaking line for the men's room!

We sat beside Andre Berto's mother and some of his entourage. His mother was a hoot because during the first fight, this very dignified lady started shouting "Finish him! Finish him!" during several flurries. Hee! Andre was the co-feature and won his fight handily. He came and sat in the audience during the main event.

Note to self: Smoking is allowed at Indian Casinos, even in California. Bring your inhaler next time. It's nowhere near as bad as Las Vegas (gag!) but more than I'm used to.

Got to see Lennox Lewis and the rest of the HBO gang, which was fun.

I haven't checked my Tivo to see if I was on TV... must do that some time today.

The fight card itself was very good, for the most part. Though it also showcased a couple of things that are holding boxing back from being mainstream again. )

Overall, a really fun night. And it gave me the opportunity to wear the Leather Jacket. Must engineer more opprotunities to wear the Leather Jacket, my life has been in sore need of such. Either I'm in a spiffy power suit OR a cop-like uniform at work, or work clothes for the aquarium, or jeans and a t-shirt. There is little middle ground, I must seek it out!

Next up: Family bonding over bloodsport. My cousins and I are going to the Morongo Casino Feb. 22nd for another fight card!

Pow! Ouch!

Feb. 3rd, 2008 11:15 am
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Woo hoo - I just got Ringside seats for next Saturday's most excellent boxing event!

For once a semi local card with three intriguing fights

Never been at ringside before! Though to be fair, this is only the second match I will have seen live.

Why yes, I am a boxing fan. It's the only sport I follow.


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