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I'm conducting job interviews. I must have done over a hundred of these things. We're now looking to fill a few dozen entry-level positions, which means we're primarily targeting people fresh from college or thereabouts.

What we're offering: a federal job with promotion potential in an economy that's not so kind to any job seeker, let alone fresh-out-of-college ones.

The last two weeks, we've had 2 people just NOT SHOW UP for their interviews - no calls, no nothing. Then we had one young lady come in to her interview 35 minutes late. A guy today was 25 minutes late.

Their excuse? The MapQuest directions sent them to the wrong address.

What? In the days before MapQuest, this would not be a valid excuse. It's not a valid excuse now.

In fact, we know that MapQuest does not give the correct directions. And no, we don't warn the candidates about that.

Why? For one, the job title is "INVESTIGATOR". If you can't find an address, we're just not impressed with your investigational skills.

For another thing, if you don't realize that MapQuest themselves warn you not to stake your life on their directions, we can't help you!

These people walk into the interview room and don't even apologize for being late.

What on earth are they thinking?
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Gah. Must stay awake. Bored and tired at work, not a good combination. Of course there are things I could be doing, but my current brain capacity mocks any attempts I may make to be productive.

Sentence structure, as well, seems to have escaped me.

Of course this could be due to the fact that yesterday I pulled a 12-hour shift and then walked 3 miles. I had wanted to do the same today. Not looking good.

Sooo tempted to cut out of here at 3pm. But if I do that, I'll have to commit to a weekend shift. Flexible schedules can be too tempting!

Then again, if I come in for a few hours this weekend, I won't have to listen to the flirting going on in the next room. It's lunchtime, and we don't have a lunch room, so I can't pull the Boss Card on them. But it is driving me up the wall.

Sleepy, so sleepy.


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