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Not so much a lucky shot as a lucky find!

The Snark Missle

Saw this while strolling through the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington DC a few years ago. The metaphor was too much to resist, so I took out my phone and snapped a picture. Awesome!
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If you've ever tried to shoot photos at an aquarium, or even through glass, you'll know how hard it is to get anything decent. The odds are stacked against you: glare! depth of field! death by autofocus! This shot was the best of several dozen taken at the Aquarium of the Pacific in the Jelly exhibit. Jellies are mesmerizing and photogenic, and it's hard to not at least try to get a shot of them. These guys were about 4-6 inches long. Unfortunately, I don't recall the species.

Lucky shot of the week: Jelly )
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Been sorting through my long-neglected photo archives and trying to upload the good ones to my Flickr account. I came across one that I took at the LA Zoo several years ago, during a special photography event. The Zoo was open early for the photography class, and the keepers cooperated by bringing some animals out for closer looks, as well as letting animals out into their enclosures on a schedule so they could be photographed. This particular shot was of a tiger cub, I believe they were Sumatran tigers. There were two cubs and the mom, and I have a series of bad photos where they ran around the enclosure, pounced on each other and pounced on Mom. While the photos were fun to look at, they certainly weren't very good and couldn't be improved by photoshop. I was still getting used to the camera, and all of the things that auto exposure can do wrong, managed to go wrong.

At any rate, there was one brief moment when a cub looked out over the moat and I got *the* shot. )


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