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So I'm packing. I decided to take an Alaska cruise at the sort-of last minute. Yeah, I'm by myself but you know what? I'm totally looking forward to shutting out distractions and just relaxing.

As a fringe benefit, I'll do some atmosphere-soaking for the Raven story. By the time next week is out, I will either have made significant amazing progress, or totally given up LOL.

I signed up for 3 shore excursions: horseback riding, native canoe paddling, and a visit to a Tlingit longhouse.

Had some trouble working on my carry-ons, which I just now sorted out. How ridiculous! But I'm only carrying-on things that I don't trust to the thieves and vandals of the TSA and assorted airlines. Turns out there's a lot I don't want to get pilfered, and since I'll be flying a couple of legs on those itty bitty commuter jets, I have to be really careful with bag size. But I just squeezed two camera bodies, 3 lenses, flash system, small tripod and adequate padding into my appropriately-sized 'personal item,' so yay me!

In other news, work today was a mixed bag. We planned a baby shower for one of the team members, but it was such a surprise that he scheduled field work today and missed the lunch in his honor! So on the one hand, we were REALLY good at keeping a secret... but yeah, maybe too good. It all worked out though, as we had cake when he got back.

My team is doing very well, but I'm having trouble with some new... well, a new person. Or an old person in a new job. As one of my peers stated today: "This person needs to learn to stay in their lane!" Or perhaps not antagonize the very people they will desperately need to turn to when things go downhill. I'm lucky I'm 20 miles away from the Death Star, but still in fallout range, apparently.

Vacation... almost on... vacation...
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