Jun. 25th, 2014

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Hullo everyone! I've been a bit scarce, but I've enjoyed reading everyone's updates!

So let's see... Work has been nuts, which is normal. My computer died (or rather, the boot sector of the hdd died). Several days later, I now have it repaired but am over 800 emails in the hole, as it were. The worst part is that I was a goddess of organization and efficiency up to that point, and now it's shot to hell. I did manage to at least put out the worst of the fires today, but it felt very much like riding a rollercoaster w/o those safety brackets.

Went to a business writing seminar yesterday, which was interesting. I've always been proficient with English (composition and grammar) and in fact tested out of English requirements in college. The instructor asked us when was the last time we took any grammar and... dang. 7th grade? But she did hit us with a grammar test and I missed a couple -- which certainly took me down a couple of notches. Because of this, I tried to find a grammar reference suitable for native speakers... AND THEY ARE HARDER TO FIND THAN THEY SHOULD BE.

So where does my flist find their grammar questions answered? Any suggestions?

Getting ready for our annual 4th of July BBQ extravaganza! I'll be cleaning and prepping the smokers and grills this weekend.

I have finally gotten physical therapy for my foot (and only 6 months late!). The delay was due to the plague from hell that ate my January and February; followed by a couple of trips and then 2 bouts of jury duty.

The good news is that in spite of the lack of PT, I have healed nicely. I have a slight limp, however.

The bad news is that while working on correcting the limp, I've managed to set off a five-alarm fire in my calf and ankle muscles. Oy does it hurt. The PT says that it's overuse, and taped my calf. Which is the same calf I tore in 2000, and proceeded to sprain the supporting ankle about 4 times the following 2 years. Gee, maybe there's a weakness in there?

I have been banned from walking any more than necessary the next 3 days. :(


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