Jun. 4th, 2014

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This is very late, but I thought it may be of interest to some folks.

I was at the Gallifrey One Con in February -- it's something of a tradition with myself and some of my friends. This was my ... 7th in a row? Can't remember.

Anyway, there was typical con stuff, panels, cosplay, lots of opportunities for disposable spending in the dealers room.

The best panel I attended this year was called "Travels with the Doctor" and had in it 2 former cast members from each decade that the show has been on. The 60s were represented by Frazier Hines and Deborah Watling (Jaime and Victoria); the 70's by Katy Manning and Richard Franklin (Jo Grant and Captain Mike Yates). For the 80's there was Nicola Bryant and Mathew Waterhouse (Peri and Adric), and finally rounding out the panel were Billie Piper and Arthur Darvill. Who should need no introduction.

And yes, Gally is an amazing con!

After the panel, I took some notes (with the intent to post a con report). )
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I had my reservations about today -- having to go to an office I don't care for to sit in a training class that wasn't going to be given by my favorite instructors.

But you know, things worked out!

Turns out my favorite instructors were contracted to do this particular class (even though they lost the national contract).

I tell you, emergency response taught by crusty retired firemen is the way it should be done!

But it doesn't stop there! I got two big boxes from my friend in Colombia -- things I had ordered during my last visit there and was waiting to receive. Including an awesome black leather bomber jacket and some shirts made for me by a seamstress. Not to mention Colombian chocolate bars. Yum!

And then! I got a letter from a friend that had to move away to join the army. He's in basic training now and I got an actual, real-life handwritten letter from him. I'll write him back tonight.

So now I'm figuring out how to make room in my closet while chillin' and listening to some vinyl awesome.


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