Jan. 21st, 2014

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Against all odds, my Doctor Who obsession began with the written word. Seriously. The show had been cancelled for several years, I'd never seen it (though I'd heard rumour of it now and then), and it all started with [profile] rjanderson's spectacular fanfic and the New and Missing Adventures.

As someone who had blown a lot of money on crappy tie-in novels, the NA's (and later the MA's) were a feast! Sure, there were clunkers, but there was also a lot of inventive writing and some solid old-fashioned storytelling in there. The NAs were the crucible in which New Who was forged. Story arcs, deeper character development, nuanced and sophisticated concepts were everywhere. Each book felt like an experiment in how to best tell a Doctor Who story.

IO9 did a summary of tie-in-novels, including some interesting points about the NA's.

While devouring the books, I wrote a number of reviews. I had almost forgotten about them, and when I remembered them I figured they were long lost on some dead hard drive or another. But I did an archaeological expedition with a stack of ZIP discs and found my opus! Now that we have Goodreads, and now that it seems some of these books are being re-released as ebooks, I thought I may as well post my reviews.

Ben Aaronovitch wrote my two absolute favorite Seventh Doctor stories: Battlefield and Remembrance of the Daleks. He also was one of the strongest NA writers. I remember the Also People as a blow-your-mind scifi extravaganza wrapped up in a fluffy blanket of ... fluff.

Also, My reviews don't usually contain plot points, since I figured anyone who wants the plot can just read the back cover blurb.

The Also People )


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