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So. Last September -- in fact the day before the gov't shut down because of lack of funds -- I was instructed to go on a spending spree because we needed to use up all the money that was alloted the previous fiscal year. No, it doesn't make sense, but there it is.

Anyway, given about 15 minutes to make big-ticket decisions, I ordered a shelving system for our supply room. We have been using old filing cabinets, and honestly, that was horribly inefficient. The shelving system? Seemed awesome but then I found out that shipping cost as much as the units themselves. Oh well, I'm supposed to spend a couple thousand in fifteen minutes, I didn't have time to really comparison shop. Then the gov't shut down, we all worked for no pay for three weeks, but things settled back to normal. I assumed that none of our orders made it through.

Fast forward to last week, when, without any previous warning, the entire shelving system arrives. "Some Assembly Required" does not even begin to cut it. So now I have to ask my investigators to assemble shelving. This is the 'other duties as assigned' part of the position description, no doubt. No, we don't have any support staff on hand.

We also, by the way, don't have any tools to assemble said shelving. I ordered some with the shelving, but who knows when or if they'll show up. So -- how much do I love my team? -- we conferred and everyone brought tools from home. I supplied a cordless drill, and then went to Home Depot with my own money and purchased screwdriver bits. The guys have the thing about 1/2 assembled. It took them 1/2 the day, and I assume half of tomorrow as well.

It'll be really cool to be organized, so I'm looking forward to it. But the road we had to take to get there is instructive.

In other news, yes, I'm back at work! I missed 4 weeks due to the plague. It is great to be gainfully employed once again! I'm slowy digging through 1000 emails that arrived while I was gone and trying to figure out what is urgent vs. what is important.

But now, I'm about ready to sip a glass of wine and turn off my brain.


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